Cloud Solutions for Glasgow businesses

Cloud Solutions 

Microsoft office 365

Whether you want to keep your mail on-site or move it to the cloud. We’re highly experienced in email and collaboration solutions for business.

Euro Systems will manage the full lifecycle of selecting the correct product, migrating, implementation and training and ongoing support. As well as providing solutions to meet your compliance needs. Solutions such as mail archiving, data loss prevention and instant search across all of your mailboxes.

We offer a range of features through different Office 365 packages, to suit the specific needs of your business.


Cloud Solutions 

Migration to the Microsoft Cloud for Glasgow businesses

Microsoft 365 offers a range of cloud-based services to access your data anywhere, at any time, from any device. This includes hosted Exchange Online, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online.

We help businesses with a strategic, quick and seamless migration to the cloud. Allowing them to increase security, boost efficiency, reduce costs and modernise their business capabilities.

Using the best tools, we assess and monitor the seamless transfer of data, ensuring little to no downtime. Our team works in tandem with your team or as outsourced partner, taking care of the entire process. From scanning your existing architecture to assessing risks, planning and delivering a thorough migration within a specified timeframe and budget.

Cloud Solutions for Glasgow

Benefits of the Microsoft Cloud

Enjoy simple and affordable monthly billing and no lengthy contracts.

As IT experts knowledgeable on Microsoft Office 365, we identify ways for you to reduce costs. We know the right tools and resources for superb performance with low latency. As well as maximising productivity with business-class technology.

For businesses currently using Office products on per-install licencing, Microsoft 365 can serve up instant savings by switching to a per user licencing model. One licence can be used for five users across multiple devices as it is designed to be multi-device compatible. One user can access all Office 365 products on a desktop PC or Mac, mobile device, both Android and iOS, as well as tablets and laptops. It truly is always available on all devices, which isn’t the case with older installations of Microsoft Office per machine.

Combine Microsoft 365 cloud services with Euro Systems support, advice and expertise. Providing your business with the tools needed for scalable growth.

Microsoft 365 offers a range of cloud-based services. Access your data anywhere, at any time, including hosted Exchange Online, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online. The Microsoft Cloud Platform creates the ideal environment for remote working and team collaboration.

Make your business truly agile. Switch to the Microsoft Cloud and access all files, data and applications from anywhere, using any device. 

In any cloud infrastructure, back-ups are essential as without them, corrupted files and all types of data loss will be non-recoverable. Secure and regular backups are the only way to ensure saved data is recoverable following a power outage or any type of technical malfunction that could corrupt data.

Euro Systems can combine your managed Microsoft Office 365 service with any cloud back-up solution. We can also tie it in with our offsite back up for disaster recovery and business continuity purposes.

We make sure all your data is safely stored and fully recoverable in case of any unexpected incidents.

Managing Office 365 can be time consuming even for the most staffed of IT Departments. Euro Systems provide Office 365 management either fully managed by us or as a back-up line of defence to your existing IT department.

In both cases, our services and expertise on all Office 365 applications, security protocols and group user access and permissions enable businesses to spend more time using the productivity tools rather than spending time and money maintaining systems and addressing the needs of end-users.

Our managed Microsoft 365 service provides end-to-end support helping businesses get the most out of Office 365. Overall, we work diligently to ensure all applications offer superior usability, ease of access, better team collaboration and communication.

Technology is there to help businesses grow. We’re here to make sure Office 365 does that by sharing our expertise and managing the entire suite of products on your behalf.

Microsoft Office 365 are continually rolling out updates to various applications. As a managed service provider of Office 365, we work diligently to validate updates so we know they’ll be functional before rolling out across our client’s infrastructure.

Euro Systems can use targeted release to verify updates will not conflict with applications or any other software, and for larger clients, we can gradually roll out updates with feature controls after testing and validating system stability before releasing updates to all end-users.

In addition, compliance policies and security protocols can be reviewed prior to new version releases ensuring updates are compatible before releasing, and if there is anything requiring amendments, system policies can be changed to ensure compliance.

Not only have we made a significant investment in our cloud platform and our Cisco powered network, but we’re extremely proud of our service delivery methodology- we enjoy taking the time to understand our clients’ needs and providing impartial, strategic advice.

Our cloud is infinitely scalable and allows us to deploy resources on demand and at short notice, as well as providing private networks between servers.

For businesses yet to move to a cloud infrastructure, Euro Systems will work with you to identify the most effective migration strategy with minimal disruption.

Before migration, we consider the resources that will be required for compliance, such as moving private data to a private cloud infrastructure for compliance requirements, or deploying a hybrid cloud to move non-critical data and applications to a low-cost public cloud with secure applications and data moved to a secure private cloud with full control over security policies and user permissions.

We make the process of working on the go simple and straightforward – so you can stay connected no matter where your business takes you. If you’re ready to switch to the cloud for greater efficiency and productivity, we can give your business an easy-to-use suite of tools to get you up and running in no time. Your transition to cloud computing will be a simple, worry-free experience. 

Whether you have gone through a migration to the Microsoft Cloud or need training in Microsoft 365 products, we can train your team to make sure they can make the most of Microsoft applications and the cloud infrastructure.

With our combined hands-on support in case any technical assistance is required, we’ve got your back.

Our highly qualified team will make sure you are ready to make the most of the cloud infrastructure.

We at Euro Systems have migrated thousands of users from on-premise to cloud and on-premise to hybrid, delivering a migration experience for our customers that is effective, quick and seamless to the user.

We are highly qualified to migrate all user, application, and mail data, performing an audit of your current infrastructure and making sure all risks are assessed prior to defining a migration strategy.

Cloud Solutions 

Disaster Recovery

Avoiding business disruption following a server failure is one of the biggest business continuity challenges companies face.  As the reliance on IT systems availability continues to grow it’s key that to consider the “what if” scenario.

Whilst cloud backup has the ability to ensure fast and reliable backups and the assurance that your data is securely offsite, the ability to recover masses of data quickly and easily within a short time is often very difficult. 

With our Enterprise Disaster Recovery solution from Unitrends you can rest assured that quick recovery is fuss free, fast and top of the list.

  • No Finger Pointing

    Disruptive all-in-one approach removes backup complexity, with “one-throat-to-choke” support.

  • More Flexibility

    Backup appliances grow with your business. Easily scale up, out, and to the cloud.

  • More Confidence

    SLA policy automation proves recoverability and compliance — define, analyze, and report.

  • Less Management

    Pre-integrated backup appliances and intuitive software cut management time by 50%.

  • More Uptime

    Reduce downtime with instant recovery, ransomware detection, and automated DR testing.

  • More Free Time

    Predictive analytics proactively identifies recovery issues. Spend your free time on other tasks.

Cloud Solutions 

Backup for Microsoft Office 365

Did you know that your Office 365 data is not backed up by Microsoft? 

Many people think their data is safely stored in the Microsoft cloud, and this common misconception puts thousands of organisations at high risk of critical data loss.

As much as 60% of sensitive data is stored in Office documents, so cloud data back up is essential. A third-party backup service for Office 365 is the best way to protect all your sensitive files and critical data.

Our Backup for Office 365 covers Mail, Calendar, Contacts, OneDrive and SharePoint, to ensure your organisation’s data is fully backed up and always recoverable.

cloud data backup

Cloud Solutions 

Hosted & Private Cloud

At Euro Systems, we offer a range of secure and flexible cloud hosting solutions and services. With a comprehensive range of private, public and hybrid cloud services, we deliver performance enhancing solutions for businesses of any size. Navigating the cloud can be daunting for decision makers, which is why we work closely with our customers to understand their objectives and needs. 

We help our clients to find the best option and safely implement a solution.  The majority of new clients choose our flagship hybrid cloud to host their business’ servers to save them money and keep us accountable. Our private cloud provides the perfect solution for businesses that need to host applications in a highly available and scalable environment. We also help many of our customers to safely migrate to a fully cloud-based Azure environment.

Not only have we made a significant investment in our cloud platform and our Cisco powered network, but we’re extremely proud of our service delivery methodology- we enjoy taking the time to understand our clients’ needs and providing impartial, strategic advice.

Our cloud is infinitely scalable and allows us to deploy resources on demand and at short notice, as well as providing private networks between servers.

Data protection is crucial for companies, and the public cloud can sometimes fall short. Euro Systems’ private cloud solution can be tailored to your business’ needs and resources. Get in touch to find out more about our cloud solutions for Glasgow businesses and how we can help your business to achieve the right levels of data security.

Cloud Solutions 

Cloud Solutions for Glasgow Businesses

SharePoint Development - Cloud Solutions for Glasgow

We have worked with customers in Greater Glasgow area and beyond with SharePoint development projects, to optimise their document storage and management process.

Managing business information is more complex than ever. The amount of data is exploding, and it’s often stored in a variety of different systems or scattered across shared drives, making it hard to find and control. Multiple different interfaces to learn slow down user adoption and decrease productivity.

Documents are the lifeblood of your organization, and fast access to the correct version of documents can be the difference between success and failure. A proper SharePoint setup suited to your organisation with correct M-Files document management enables the right people to access the right files instantly.

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